Sex, Drugs, and Cassette Tapes

My husband’s novel is out! So go buy it here.

Kindle edition is available on there, but since I did the artwork you probably want the real deal, don’t you? Have fun guessing which character is based on me, and I can give you a hint: I’m not the goth. Sure I’m a grown-up goth now, but in 1985 I was seven years old, so it hadn’t hit me yet.



If you’d like to try your chance at winning a copy, be on the look out over at the Giveaway, there are 10 copies available.

Iron City Oddities


Oh hi again, Pittsburgh!

I hadn’t been down to my gallery Box Heart in three years, so I thought it was time to go by and swap out my old portrait work for some pieces from my newer series. As always, I hate going by myself, so it was “adventure day” with my husband and a few friends. My friend Beth suggested Trundle Manor as our main focus for the trip. After struggling to get the hell out of Cleveland and navigate freeways with Google Maps giving wrong directions as per usual, we finally goT underway.

As always, we went to the Church Works Brewery, and Ben’s fav record Store on Liberty Avenue, Sound Cat…



Then on to Trundle Manor…


So, as we first went up the steps, the owner of the home was on the ground next to the belt sander. We weren’t sure if this was a joke (they knew we were arriving that afternoon), if he was drunk, or if an accident happened with the power tools and he was dead. We debated as to make a run for it! But his fiance said he has been working hard on the cars all day a decided to nap. Mr. Arm does it all time.


Trundle Manor is a private home/museum that houses an amazing collection of taxidermy, oddities, and things in jars. It seriously gives the store Loved to Death a run for it’s money! Hobo bindle displays, death masks of Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price, mummy cats, and tumors that sing. We also got to pet the sweet and shy snake that lives in the kitchen by the microwave.

Our hostess, Velda von Minx…




Hi, pet me!








I had one of these little taxidermy alligators as a “toy” when I was little, and then his tail broke…



The dining room of absinthe bears…


Pet me moar!



Hobo Bindle museum!


Ben and Beth…


The singing tumor from a belly dancer friend! I asked for MY tumor but it got cut up into pieces and is sitting of shelves at Cleveland Clinic for research. And to think, I could have made mine a glorious entry way decoration such as this!



The garage is quite fun..


Plastic flamingos in the front yard? Psht!!!



Cars, collecting, and taxidermy are their passions. So glad we got to make a visit!

It’s Actually Happening!

Pre-ordering is now live for my book on the Cooperative Press website! These will be available in December thru the usual outlets like Amazon, but I recommend getting in on the action early.

I’m happy to have just about everything in one place to share as one body of work, over 40 portraits, and putting together the family tree nearly made me cross-eyed. When you get it, you’ll see what I mean. There are actually quite a few characters that appear on the family tree that are yet to be painted! Looking through the layout, it strikes me this isn’t just an art book, but more of a fantasy/fiction novel with illustrations. I suppose it could go both ways — couldn’t it?

In case you were wondering, “Lady Justine” ended up as being chosen for the cover. You can view the whole press release here at Lee Joseph Publicity.

Countess Christabelle Redux

I while back I re-painted a part of this piece I had finished years ago; only this week did I get around to photographing it with a better camera…

11×14″ oil on canvas. Christabelle, Countess of Veron (1612 – 1667) Second daughter to the 3rd Duke of Mollawray. Like her sister, Lexia the Marquise of Vienwray, she had a great penchant for spending and would marry late. She wed the Earl of Veron in 1645 who was twenty years her junior. Developing an interest in astrology, séances and the occult, she had her estate redecorated with astrological motifs and even converted her main parlor into a “room for the dead” in which to summon ghosts. She said she found the dead more interesting than the living.

One Painting Down…

Finally finished the first painting in my new series for the upcoming solo show at Articulated Gallery in San Fransisco. I still haven’t titled it, but I will eventually. Here’s another little peek; this painting dealing with old remedies for skin diseases like small pox…

(click for super large image)

New Portrait: Elizabetta the II

8×10″ oil on panel…

Elizabetta the II (1580 – 1639)
After the death of her older brother , the 2nd Baron Einar of Moravic, her newly titled family line had seemed to be near extinction before it had begun. It fell unto Elizabetta to carry on their now affluent and demanding way of life by marrying above her. Her presentation at court paid off, in the form of Henrik, the Deputy and Lord Chamberlain who proposed days later. This was treated more as a business transaction than romantic gesture; Elizabetta was held in near captivity at Henrik’s country estate with only her newly acquired and indomitable mother-in-law for company. Bound by rules, duty, and social codes that were still new to her, her mother-in-law set out to make the young lady worthy of her son’s position. The tedious and often cruel “lessons” her mother-in-law imposed helped Elizabetta to grow a thick skin and bloom into a grand dame in her own right. After 7 children (only 2 would survive into adulthood) she had become an exemplary Lady.

Funny I only painted and wrote this now; I did her parents and her daughter many years ago…