Punk Duchess Print Giveaway

To celebrate my having moved to a new pad, I thought I would do a print giveaway! I chose “Varuca” which measures 11×14 inches and was printed by Mahan Gallery in Columbus, Ohio on matte fine art paper back in 2008. Aside from proofs, only 10 of these were made! She comes signed, numbered, and dated.

All you have to do is leave a comment and the winner will be chosen using a randomizer on Sunday the 12th at 6pm EST.

Varuca, Duchess of Scovelica (1512 – 1579)
First daughter to the 2nd Marquess of Terra. Married at the age of 14 to the Duke of Scovelica, her exotic looks and passion for horses made the rumors of her supposed Mongolian heredity popular within many social circles. Self-conscious about her height, she began wearing her hair in up in spikes as means to appear taller. This began a trend that would move in and out of fashion, for centuries.

You can read more about her, and her family, in my book.

New Portrait: Elizabetta the II

8×10″ oil on panel…

Elizabetta the II (1580 – 1639)
After the death of her older brother , the 2nd Baron Einar of Moravic, her newly titled family line had seemed to be near extinction before it had begun. It fell unto Elizabetta to carry on their now affluent and demanding way of life by marrying above her. Her presentation at court paid off, in the form of Henrik, the Deputy and Lord Chamberlain who proposed days later. This was treated more as a business transaction than romantic gesture; Elizabetta was held in near captivity at Henrik’s country estate with only her newly acquired and indomitable mother-in-law for company. Bound by rules, duty, and social codes that were still new to her, her mother-in-law set out to make the young lady worthy of her son’s position. The tedious and often cruel “lessons” her mother-in-law imposed helped Elizabetta to grow a thick skin and bloom into a grand dame in her own right. After 7 children (only 2 would survive into adulthood) she had become an exemplary Lady.

Funny I only painted and wrote this now; I did her parents and her daughter many years ago…

Little Goth Elizabethan Girl

Lady Alexis of Veron, 8×10″ – sold

Seriously, I never understood the whole goth aesthetic and Gothic Lolita thing where they take fashion leads from Victorian and Edwardian eras. I think Elizabethan era fashion is way more suited to the goth sensibility — but that’s just me.

I know a lot of Americans when asking about, or describing my work to others, always call it Victorian which is so not true; for some reason of all the British periods “Victorian” seems to be the only one they can remember or reference. Maybe I’m just lucky I always had good history teachers? I love it when people call the Georgian period “Marie Antoinette-ish”. For the record I go from pre-Tudor War of the Roses on to Elizabethan, Stuart and then until the middle of the Georgian period. Victorian or Edwardian fashions and portraits just never interest me. Regency though, I could maybe dig that.