Eye Candy + a Movie

Hey! The movie myself + my art are in is finally getting released! It stars Michelle Monaghan, Stephen Dorff, and Willem Dafoe: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/tomorrowyouregone/

The film is opening April 5th in select cities like L.A., Charlotte, Columbus, Dallas, Philly, Denver, Houston, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City, Detroit. And even though it was filmed in Cleveland, nope, we aren’t going to be able to get it here. I guess a road trip to Columbus is in order? It was partially because of Michelle Monaghan my work made it into the film, she loved it so much she and some of the crew bought pieces. I have to thank David Jacobson for throwing me in the film, and expanding what started as just a walk-on as I was killing time waiting for my husband to finish up at the office.

Many of the painting that were in this movie are also going to be in “EyeCandy” opening Saturday, March 30th at WWA Gallery in Culver City, CA. I will have 7 paintings in it, and many are from my book as well. You can view all the info and other amazing artists in the show here. I wish I could fly back to Los Angeles for the reception, oh well. If you attend it, send me pictures!


Lady Fulvia of Terra, 8×10″

New Products from the Land of Arabella

Loads of new prints (in various sizes), note cards, iPhone skins, and cases for sale over at Society 6. I have a few skins of my own, and I’ve seen the smaller framed prints in peoples homes, and I can say I think the quality is far superior to a lot of places that sell artist products. Here is a sample of “Georgina” as a case…

Of course in the Land of Arabella we only have an iPod Touch. We’re old school on the Blackberry, because it has a normal keyboard and because money for an iPhone goes to frames, oil paint, and cheap red wine.

50 Artists for 50 Dollars

One of the first art shows I ever did when I moved to Cleveland was The 50/50 Show. So this year, since it got resurrected, I thought I would again. Here is my piece for it, “Masquerade” 4×6″ oil on paper…

The show works as sort of a lottery drawing, put your name is for the artworks you want, and when your name is called you can choose one for $50. It all goes down Friday @ Dredgers Union, and I’ve seen pretty awesome stuff already during the drop-off. www.5050Show.com has a list of artists and more information. I’ll also be appearing on Fox 8 in the morning on Friday. Myself and a few other artists will be Kickin’ It with Kenny, doing art stuff.

Summertime Artworking

There is a nice article in GOOD Magazine about the events I attended in New Orleans back in March. At the time I was quoted, I was doing my research, but sadly the salary ranges weren’t too hot so I’m staying in Cleveland another year. Honestly, I’m still having a lot of things go wrong health-wise, so I’m sort of held hostage by the fact I seem to have visits to a doctor more often than I’d like. My husband and I will be headed down to New Orleans again in October for the film fest, though he was also honest in saying he wants to die in Dublin and not New Orleans.

Speaking of Dublin, I had a nice little feature on Surface & Surface.  I hope I can go back there next year.

This will be my 2nd modeling for a painting class (the first was when I was 13 because the model didn’t show up!) Judy will be running her workshop at BAYArts starting June 14th, it should be a fun time, so go read about it over here. There will be an exhibition tied in with the class as well.

The 50/50 Show is upon us, and it’s been many years since I have done it. I’ll have a little color study available for it, and it all goes down at Dredger’s Union on E. 4th downtown Cleveland this year. Go buy some art instead of flushing money down the toilet on slots at the new casino; I lost a whole dollar when I went in there, so you are welcome, I contributed to economic recovery!

I’ll also be participating in Author Alley this year during the Larchemere Festival. Myself and other local authors will have our books on hand. Also, if you already have a copy, please do add your reviews to the Amazon page for my book. It looks so lonely.

I’m currently starting my piece for this exhibition in San Francisco, CA this coming October. Having trouble deciding what to do, I have too many ideas!

New Portrait: Eugenia

11×14" oil on panel, I wish you could see the details in her black hair, but it is very subtle and didn't photograph well. Anyways, finally was able to make up a bio for her…

Lady Eugenia (1480-1544)

Daughter of a little known diplomat and his stage actress mistress; she
had published her first novel at age 15, thus becoming an amusement of
sorts within literary circles at cafes and parties. Her short marriage
to a Lord and travels to their many homes around the Continent provided
the material for what would become her second novel – fortunate for the
Lord he died of consumption before reading the unflattering portrait
she portrayed of him. After many failed affairs with renowned writers
more than half her age, she retired from writing after her 9th book,
and fled to Scotland where she purchased a small cottage. She never
wrote again, and instead collected stray cats

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Forgotten Saints in Hollywood

Art Core presents "Forgotten Saints" a group show Saints that never were but should have been.
@ The Congregation of the Forgotten Saints 7569 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles Ca. 90046

Attendees at February 13ths black carpet opening reception can expect
the same over the top extravagance and attention to detail seen at the
Metal show reception. "Saints" will be set amongst a backdrop fitting
to the theme. Installations will include themed murals, a new archway
welcoming the participants into the world of "Preachers and fools", an
altar (set with hand carved statues, candles and flowers), an
interactive "Confessional" and special "Holy water" to quench your
thirst after an evening spent confessing your sins to a truly unique
group of unholy martyrs.
Art Core's last event at The Congregation
of Forgotten Saints saw over 900 art fans cross its threshold, so
showing up early is recommended. There will be plenty of street parking after 8pm. Make sure you wear your Sunday best, all attendees will be photographed on the Black Carpet upon arrival

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