Iron City Oddities

Oh hi again, Pittsburgh! I hadn't been down to my gallery Box Heart in three years, so I thought it was time to go by and swap out my old portrait work for some pieces from my newer series. As always, I hate going by myself, so it was "adventure day" with my husband and… Continue reading Iron City Oddities

A Fabulous Day in Pittsburgh

Drove down with Michelle Muldrow and Dott Schneider to Pittsburgh for some art farting and for the Box Heart 10 Year Anniversary exhibit. We lucked out with great weather (okay it was pretty hot actually), an awesome ride with leather interior and cruise control,  and rocked out to some classic rock while eating beef jerky… Continue reading A Fabulous Day in Pittsburgh

Splendor and Safety Pins

Box Heart Gallery is proud to present “Splendor and Safety Pins", a solo show of oil paintings by Arabella Proffer. Having her work labeled everything between Pop Surrealism and Neo-Realism, the common narratives and emotions that run through this portraiture series are ones of romance and rebellion. Channeling costume history of the Renaissance through the… Continue reading Splendor and Safety Pins