A New Take on the Twins

My aunt, Jeanne Proffer, recently wrote a little story about one of my dicephalic twins painting “Daughters of Maternal Impression” after getting the image as a greeting card over the holidays.

I doubt she had seen it anywhere else or knew that they had a bio I had written, so she shared her take on it:

Two women in one; do I toss a coin to see which one she’ll be, or take scissors and cut away half of me? Or, wear the pretty and bright? Two heads around both of me and continue the mystery of who I shall be from day-to-day in an adventursome way.


I quite like it!

Cleveland Area Book Party

Thanks to Scene for writing a little piece about my book party coming up on Wednesday (the 11th) here in Cleveland. It all goes down at 7pm over at Loganberry Books.

I’ve never had a book party before — so I’m not sure what it entails exactly — but I’ll be signing copies, doing a little talk, and buyers get a free mini print with purchase that evening.

Hope to see you there!

It’s Actually Happening!

Pre-ordering is now live for my book on the Cooperative Press website! These will be available in December thru the usual outlets like Amazon, but I recommend getting in on the action early.

I’m happy to have just about everything in one place to share as one body of work, over 40 portraits, and putting together the family tree nearly made me cross-eyed. When you get it, you’ll see what I mean. There are actually quite a few characters that appear on the family tree that are yet to be painted! Looking through the layout, it strikes me this isn’t just an art book, but more of a fantasy/fiction novel with illustrations. I suppose it could go both ways — couldn’t it?

In case you were wondering, “Lady Justine” ended up as being chosen for the cover. You can view the whole press release here at Lee Joseph Publicity.

Countess Christabelle Redux

I while back I re-painted a part of this piece I had finished years ago; only this week did I get around to photographing it with a better camera…

11×14″ oil on canvas. Christabelle, Countess of Veron (1612 – 1667) Second daughter to the 3rd Duke of Mollawray. Like her sister, Lexia the Marquise of Vienwray, she had a great penchant for spending and would marry late. She wed the Earl of Veron in 1645 who was twenty years her junior. Developing an interest in astrology, séances and the occult, she had her estate redecorated with astrological motifs and even converted her main parlor into a “room for the dead” in which to summon ghosts. She said she found the dead more interesting than the living.