My Fall Art Shows, 2013

I thought I give you a list of upcoming shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cleveland, Tel Aviv, and even Melbourne, that I'm participating in. And for those of you in Cleveland, the September 6th event is when I will be formally launching my new fashion illustration classes for adults! If you can't make it… Continue reading My Fall Art Shows, 2013

L.A. Group Show: Wasted

This will be the first L.A. show I've been in for quite some time; it's also the first time I created a painting while intoxicated pretty much the whole process! I thought it best to keep with the theme of the show. I was inspired by the hair style of "Helen Lawson" in the movie… Continue reading L.A. Group Show: Wasted

Goodbye Mr. Freud

Rest in Peace dearest Lucian Freud. Yes, he was 88 -- and considering his lifestyle that's damn good -- but I'm rather broken up about this. Really, I haven't felt this bad about a famous person dying, who I didn't personally know, since Jim Henson and Sam Kinison. I was lucky enough to see his… Continue reading Goodbye Mr. Freud