About Arabella

Full-time artist, troublemaker, cancer survivor, and part-time record label chick. My work has been called everything from Surrealism to Biomorphism to Magical Realism. Did I mention I have a bionic right leg?

I’ve shown my art all over the world and have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Plain Dealer, SF Weekly, Dallas Arts Review, Juxtapoz, Creep Machine, Supersonic Electronic, The Plain Dealer, Hi Fructose and more.


I grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, primarily before moving to Laguna Beach (luckily I went to high school there before that stupid reality show) and then attended CalArts. Bummed around the California desert, was a Hollywood scenester, and was even in Boston for a second. Now I live in Cleveland, which oddly my complaints about it are few. I do art stuffs, travel, and spend a lot of time at the hospital.

I’m married to a dude named Ben Vendetta and we have two kitties named Ike and Tina. More @ www.arabellaproffer.com

You can purchase books and original art at: www.arabellaproffer.bigcartel.com

4 thoughts on “About Arabella”

  1. love your work, whats refreshing is that you don’t seem to take yourself too seriously or put on those pretentious airs that most people with your talent do.

  2. hey girl…so I just found this off Kathleen Cerveny’s blog…thought it was pretty damn cool….wasn’t sure which you were from: Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids. Now I know.
    I’m impressed….is the town as cool as this vid makes it look?


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