Countess Christabelle Redux

I while back I re-painted a part of this piece I had finished years ago; only this week did I get around to photographing it with a better camera... 11x14" oil on canvas. Christabelle, Countess of Veron (1612 - 1667) Second daughter to the 3rd Duke of Mollawray. Like her sister, Lexia the Marquise of… Continue reading Countess Christabelle Redux

Jaecine, the Countess of Albramere

She's new...sort of. I had wrote this biography for an older painting I'd done back in 2002. After showing it around and all that fun stuff, I decided I didn't like the painting anymore; the frame got busted by a careless gallery in shipping, I was over the work itself, but I did still like… Continue reading Jaecine, the Countess of Albramere

New Commission, Kitteh!

A friend and avid collector of mine had me do a portrait of her cat Stella recently. Since the portrait of my now departed Milkshake is no longer for sale, she wanted a little cameo of that painting that Stella would be wearing. Neat huh? I like paintin' kittehs. Lady Stell Belle, 8x10" oil on… Continue reading New Commission, Kitteh!