Good Riddance 2016 Arty Farty Giveaway!

pink haired portrait by Arabella Proffer

Six years ago, a change started to happen in my work in the style and subject matter in getting away from figurative representation. Maybe you have been following along, and have seen pieces of that work exhibited here and there at galleries as well as posted online. The response to them has been pretty fantastic and I’ve sold a number of them without much fanfare. I had my first solo show of this new work and the response was pretty overwhelming. An artist friend wrote to me — and many have alluded to this — that this is will probably become my true work.

Don’t get me wrong, I love portraiture and I will always find ways to incorporate it and take on commissions. I’ve been drawing people for way too long to stop in a blink.

As a little send off to a year that can’t end soon enough, I thought I’d run a giveaway here for a framed print and a few unframed mini prints of some portraits. And stickers!



One winner will receive “Lydia” which is a framed open edition print. “Pink Waves” is an unframed limited mini print; another winner will get 3 of these to either hoard or perhaps gift to someone.  Runner-up will get a set of round stickers featuring my art. Both the original paintings have homes, but you can enter to receive all these puppies two ways:

  • Follow me over at then, share your favorite painting of mine and use #ArabellaArt.
  • You can also enter by commenting below. You can increase your chances by doing both.

Ends on Wednesday the 28th. Winners chosen using a randomizer.

Have at it and good luck!


My Anti-Crowdfunding Art Sale

I’ve been pestered to do a GoFundMe or something similar for the last four years since my cancer-related surgeries seem never ending. I just had my second one in 6 months months, and it sucks. My freelance job as a transcriptionist suffered when I lost my main client in March because, well, I was too drugged up or recovering from something every single time they needed me — I kid you not, every. single. time. My commissions were rocking this summer (thankfully), I was able to teach a few classes, and I did do a lot of transcribing work with my other writers and journalists. But, as you can see, my medical issues come out of nowhere almost all the time and it is nearly impossible for me to make up for it when I’m out for even a few weeks let alone the bills when they roll in. I’m on a payment plan with Cleveland Clinic and boy do they get nasty when you get new charges! What’s worse is my mobility is even more compromised now. Well, actually, no. What’s worse is that Rob Ford is now the poster child of my rare form of cancer. “What’s liposarcoma? Oh, the thing the drunken crack head Toronto mayor has in his ass”, yeah and by the way I’m really glad I don’t have his doctors because it has already been proven the last 5 years chemo doesn’t work on it. Poor Rob, what a character.


People ask what they can do to help (many of you already have so thank you!) and all I can tell you is support my work. I don’t like the idea of charity or whatnot without you getting something in return. So, for the short-term I decided….. I’m having a crazy sale and contest!

On Saturday, November 15th at 11:00 am EST I’ll be selling quite a number of drawings and paintings on paper for between $25-$50 (shipping included within the USA). These will be posted on my fundraiser page that will appear at  I’ve got some goodies in mind; fashion illustrations, oil on paper works, and even some small ink works I did under Raymond Pettibon!

For those who purchase, you will automatically be entered to win this framed watercolor, “Hoodlum” 13×18″….



And a second runner-up will get my Ephemeral Antidotes 2012 catalog and a set of these new stickers….


So that’s the scoop. Mark your calendars.

And if you feel like it, I have other items and ways you can support my art. And, if you hate art, you can purchase a book, 7 inch, or CD from my record label, Elephant Stone!

So You Say You Were A 1980’s Indie Kid?

Have I mentioned lately that you should purchase the novel “Wivenhoe Park”? Because you really should. Just look at all the reviews! You don’t need to take my word for it just because I did the cover and he’s my husband.

But, also, if you want to try a crack at winning on of three copies, the amazing music site Slicing Up Eyeballs is having a contest that ends on Friday!

Saturday, December 7th from 2 to 4pm is a book signing with Mr. Vendetta at my favorite place for books in Cleveland, Loganberry Books.


We’re plotting a book tour from Chapel Hill down through New Orleans in the spring. These won’t all be at bookstores necessarily, but at cool venues where a DJ and beers will be involved, so stay tuned (and if you would like to host a party or know a place that sounds perfect, fill me in!)

Print Giveaway: She Became a Duchess

I’ll be doing a print giveaway for my email newsletter subscribers only, sign-up if you’d like a chance to win her:

This is the last of my limited edition prints from a batch made in 2010.


Friederica of Vienwray (1804 – 1874)
Born into an old aristocratic family with a predisposition for smallpox, she spent her youth being passed from one distant relative to another (each dying within a year of the next) until age 16 when she was hired by the royal court theater as an actress. She gained the Queen’s favor as an amusing and attractive social weapon; when the Queen’s friendship with a lady in her circle had cooled, Friederica was invited to salons and galas as a replacement, a resounding snub against anyone who had fallen out of favor. Described by men who came to pay her tribute as ‘the highest creature’, it is not clear if they flocked to her for her charm, her acting, or her influence with the Queen. Setting her sights on those of the most eminent condition, she retired from the stage and married the Duke of Lernigo.

btw, the original painting is available at Parlor Gallery

Punk Duchess Print Giveaway

To celebrate my having moved to a new pad, I thought I would do a print giveaway! I chose “Varuca” which measures 11×14 inches and was printed by Mahan Gallery in Columbus, Ohio on matte fine art paper back in 2008. Aside from proofs, only 10 of these were made! She comes signed, numbered, and dated.

All you have to do is leave a comment and the winner will be chosen using a randomizer on Sunday the 12th at 6pm EST.

Varuca, Duchess of Scovelica (1512 – 1579)
First daughter to the 2nd Marquess of Terra. Married at the age of 14 to the Duke of Scovelica, her exotic looks and passion for horses made the rumors of her supposed Mongolian heredity popular within many social circles. Self-conscious about her height, she began wearing her hair in up in spikes as means to appear taller. This began a trend that would move in and out of fashion, for centuries.

You can read more about her, and her family, in my book.