Little Goth Elizabethan Girl

Lady Alexis of Veron, 8×10″ – sold

Seriously, I never understood the whole goth aesthetic and Gothic Lolita thing where they take fashion leads from Victorian and Edwardian eras. I think Elizabethan era fashion is way more suited to the goth sensibility — but that’s just me.

I know a lot of Americans when asking about, or describing my work to others, always call it Victorian which is so not true; for some reason of all the British periods “Victorian” seems to be the only one they can remember or reference. Maybe I’m just lucky I always had good history teachers? I love it when people call the Georgian period “Marie Antoinette-ish”. For the record I go from pre-Tudor War of the Roses on to Elizabethan, Stuart and then until the middle of the Georgian period. Victorian or Edwardian fashions and portraits just never interest me. Regency though, I could maybe dig that.

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