New Products + New Portrait

I was recently invited to join and have set up a little shop of some merchandise you can now purchase bearing some of my portraits. If you are one of the few who have ever gotten a limited edition postcard from me in the mail, then you know they are fabulous in a frame or on a fridge, and now you can get yourself as many postcards and greeting cards as you want. Yay!

Completed this 5×7″ portrait not long ago. It accidentally tuned out looking like my friend Tara McPherson, which I thought was funny and totally unintentional, but I decided to name it ‘Tara’ anyways because frankly I’m running out of names to give my characters. Funny how paintings turn out so different in the end from how I orginally draw them…

Email me for details if you’d like to purchase her as she hasn’t been promised to any galleries yet; still gotta varnish before I stick her in the frame I picked out a few weeks ago.

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