Prints, Cards, Originals…and Food

So, there are several new works up at, as well as some upcoming shows in California starting this Friday.

I have some new items in my shop, including prints and an original framed 5×7″ painting, head on over to check it out. You can also find postcards, mousepads, and buttons thru of some favorite paintings here, including a button of the painting I did of “Milkshake” — the original is no longer for sale for obvious reasons.

I’ve just hung many of my larger paintings up at the fabulous The Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland. Chef Jonathan Sawyer and his place has been featured everywhere from the New York Times to Food and Wine Magazine. I’m so glad they chose my paintings to help class their joint up a bit, hehe. For those who don’t know, Cleveland is basically crazy-awesome-restaurant-foodie-paradise-city, the secret has been getting out the last few years and there’s still so many places I haven’t tried yet.

New Products + New Portrait

I was recently invited to join and have set up a little shop of some merchandise you can now purchase bearing some of my portraits. If you are one of the few who have ever gotten a limited edition postcard from me in the mail, then you know they are fabulous in a frame or on a fridge, and now you can get yourself as many postcards and greeting cards as you want. Yay!

Completed this 5×7″ portrait not long ago. It accidentally tuned out looking like my friend Tara McPherson, which I thought was funny and totally unintentional, but I decided to name it ‘Tara’ anyways because frankly I’m running out of names to give my characters. Funny how paintings turn out so different in the end from how I orginally draw them…

Email me for details if you’d like to purchase her as she hasn’t been promised to any galleries yet; still gotta varnish before I stick her in the frame I picked out a few weeks ago.