Dreaming About New Orleans

“Your art is so New Orleans”

“Your work would do really well down there”

“You belong there”

“You’d love it, it’s weird and everyone is really into death”

People have told me I need to exhibit in New Orleans (I do have a few collectors who live there), let alone visit, or move…

I have a wonderful opportunity to sublet an apartment that is the same rent I pay now, in a fabulous location, and I’m trying to see how I can take advantage of it. A self-imposed artist residency for 3-4 months, but not in the summer — I don’t do well in humidity! The problem lies with that I sort of need health insurance, let alone need to find a paying job that is temporary. I’d also have to leave my car behind, throw what I have in storage, and bring the kitties. And then, what to do once my little residency is over? Because at that point I might as well leave Cleveland and move onward. The logistics are problematic. It sucks because I hate it that this stupid cancer/medical bullshit is holding me hostage from running off and doing fun or impulsive things. Being an adult is lame. How do I swing this?

5 thoughts on “Dreaming About New Orleans”

  1. Great location (French Quarter???) Ooooo.
    Can you swing it so the 3-4 months are Nov.-Feb.?
    So you can do Mardi Gras from your apartment?
    (But be careful-it gets PACKED-literally like sardines in a can.
    And it had gotten a bit ‘rougher’ than it used to be, although I haven’t been since Katrina.)
    But you’re a ballsy chick, AP: I say DEFINITELY go for it!
    A totally, totally different place; very cool and very unique.


    Their unemployment rate is a bit lower than ours, but supposedly a good place to start a business.
    And you’re an outgoing personality…I think you’d do just fine!
    And besides, what a crazy-cool opportunity!

    1. Yep. On Royal Street.
      No, it has to be after January because Ben will be in Seattle, and I am going to SF for my show. I think Mardi Gras would annoy me more than anything. I don’t like big crowds as a rule, so I’d be happy to go after that is done.

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