Help Me Choose The Cover!

Coming out this winter (fingers crossed) Cooperative Press will be publishing a limited edition book of my faux national portrait gallery. Otherwise known, as Kessa. This will include almost all of my portraits with their biographies, including a map, crests and their family trees.

I’m having trouble deciding on the cover image; I start to hate everything I’ve done after a while, my judgment is clouded, so I thought I’d have an open vote! Tell me which one you think should grace the cover?


The Mirresnsly Girls


Elizabetta the 2nd




11 thoughts on “Help Me Choose The Cover!”

    1. I had a friend in high school who dragged me to the “punk” store in Costa Mesa. They had no Docs and no Creeps in his size, he was so frustrated and didn’t want to leave empty handed, so he bought an oversize safety pin that cost $9. I never forgot that for some reason.

  1. although I do habitually go about with safety pins strewn about my clothing, I protest that Margaret the painting looks nothing like Margaret the girl.

  2. Hmmm, what IS the title?

    I have to go with Varuca. Such an interesting and arresting ‘visage,’ as they used to say. Definitely a face that draws you in and piques your curiosity as to who/what this person might be.

    And you’re right, AP: there are a bunch of different ways you could lay it out to include the type, etc. and and not distract from the illustration.

    Good luck! Can’t wait to see it in print…

  3. Why is no one voting for Evangeline? Gawd.

    Although I think I agree with Shannon about Nayanna, from a layout perspective.

    1. I think Evangeline embodies the series very well. People should ignore what or where you think text is going to go, there’s going to be a border among other things. Don’t vote on what you think an art director would do or what ‘looks like a cover’.

  4. I love all of them, but Justine is so bright and eye-catching. Margaret is my all-time favorite of yours, but I still give it to Justine. She is subtle in a way that Evangeline isn’t, but her piercings and purple hair give a hint of what will be inside. I think the bright background will jump off the bookshelf and the purple is such an eye attracting color. Justine also embodies the idea of faux-historical. Margaret, though so beautiful, could just be a modern girl with a frilly top. She needs the context of the collection. I feel so strongly about the light background. Anyway, best of luck with the project. Hopefully there will still be a place to purchase the book after all the bookstores pack up shop :(.

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