Old Portraits of Young Men: Part Two

Here’s another round of portraits of men I may or may not have slept with had I actually been alive in that century. Perhaps you’ll see a few to your liking as well.

Francis, Duke of Anjou…

Of course, there is this portrait of him. Hmmm, not as appetizing. Quite a difference, no?

The 1st Duc of Guise…


Bernini, a self-portrait. I’d like him even better if I didn’t know what a complete asshole he was…

A young man by Titian…

another ‘Unknown Young Man’, by Titian. Heeello….

Prince Rupert, Count Palatine. I can tell under the hair and mustache he’s a cutie..

Thomas Wriothesley. Again, if only he’d lose the beard…

an unknown man…

here are my previous picks.

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