Last Night in Cleveland

I was kind of distracted talking to people and didn’t take a lot of photos of the work, but here are some from the opening reception for “Illustrious”. It’ll be up through the end of the month at Wall Eye Gallery. Lots of comics to read and posters to see! You can read a little interview over here at

Here is my stuff…

Me and pal Veronica. Everyone thinks we’re sisters when we go out…

some of the graphic novel by Derf about his friendship with Jeffrey Dahmer. Quite interesting!

Gina agrees. I think I need to get this shirt next time I’m down at the shop inside Wall Eye Gallery…

John G’s contribution can be seen here

Also really liked Jake Kelly’s fake movie posters. Here is one…

Derf, John G, Jake and I are some of the artists included in the exhibition that Sustainable Love Corporation has put together called “Notes From The Cleveland Underground”, and it’s happening in Cologne, Germany! My first time showing in Germany. It’ll take place here. Yay!

5 thoughts on “Last Night in Cleveland”

  1. Looks cool. I will have to check this out. Did you hear about the consignment shop on Lorain that is also an art gallery. Rag Refinery? I haven’t been to an art show there yet, but I want to go. I did snag a great vintage skirt though.

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