Screw Factory + Last Minute Market + My Retrospective…sorta

So here I am still in N. Carolina, hanging with some wonderful friends and my brother through the weekend. Photos to come!

I’ll be back for my little sale during the Screw Factory and Last Minute Market event on Saturday. Look, Cleveland Scene mentioned my show here too! So if you’ve ever wanted a framed drawing, painting, or print at an affordable price — as well as view some old favorites I’ve never exhibited — be sure to come on down or visit my Etsy shop by January 1st. After that, everything goes back to normal pricing. This will also be the 1st real time I am out and about after my surgery and being confined to bed for almost two months. I can drive again! I can also wear high heels so long as I don’t use stairs and don’t have to walk more than 30 feet or so. Hey, I’ll take it.

Also, I think I forgot to mention that I’ve been selling iPhone and iPad cases as new products over in my ArtsProjekt store. I’ve had bad experiences with Mac, and I hate phones, but if I had an  iPhone, I’d totally get one!


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