Nine Months of No Painting: New Painting Studies

Well it had been a very long time, but I finally did some paintings. Just little studies, but at least it is something. Can you believe I haven’t painted at all since May 2019?! Well, it is true. I’ve had too many things going on, and quite frankly I’m tired. Oh-so very tired.

I do have some group shows and a speaking engagement coming up and you can see a list here. Aside from that I am hoping an opportunity I applied to for an off-grid residency comes to fruition. There was a point where I thought I might die without WiFi, but now it sounds wonderful to be isolated for a few weeks. We shall see.

Protozoa Communion, 6×6″ oil on panel.

Near Ripe, 6×6″ oil on panel.

Dig It, 4×5″ oil on paper

Art in My Pad

The art I’ve been able to collect thus far is nothing like my own, and I think some people are surprised by certain pieces. I collect sparingly, not because I don’t like doing it, but because I hate clutter on my walls and it’s really hard when you are a half-assed minimalist. A “salon style” wall of art drives me crazy; I really hate it when galleries do it at exhibitions. Rotation of artworks happens often in my apartment, and it keeps me sane.

But, there are still so many things I would love to get my hands on! If only I had been paid better when working at a very old gallery in L.A., as the place was an art history candy store of fashion illustrations, pop art, set designs, lithographs and etchings I would have enjoyed very much! I still kick myself for not grabbing an Albrecht Durer woodcut for $1200, although it could have easily been a fake; a Robert Longo drawing from when he was on the ascent; an Abraham Walkowitz  drawing that was bought out from under me by the director of Forum Gallery at the time; a tiny Friedel Dzubas painting; the Larionov portrait that was actually better than most.  Ah well, great taste and thrift store finances has been the story for some time.

Lucky for me I seem to pick the winners when it comes to increasing in value. I almost feel like I should go into this as a consultant. Mind you, I would never ever sell anything of mine no matter how much they may be worth, now. I don’t buy things to flip or impress visitors; I buy because I love them.

Beyond my own work here and there, I thought people would like to see the work by others I have hanging around. This does not include several limited edition rock posters and other drawings, paintings, and photographs yet to be framed (that’s a whole section of my closet right now). These are just the originals and limited edition fine art prints. Click on each photo for the description…

Sometimes I Work in a Viking Helmet

The show at Hedge Gallery opened and has been amazing with all of the feedback I have gotten! Thank you all so much and thank you to the Hedge Gallery staff and Ohio Arts Council for making it happen. More pictures from the show opening to follow.

There’s also been some press from The Plain Dealer, Fresh Water, and Scene Magazine. The show is on view through December 23rd and I will be having a bit of a shindig on Sunday, December 11th during Cleveland Bazaar from 2pm to 6pm if you missed the opening.

In the meantime here is a little video of me working a little bit on the show…in a viking helmet.

The Art Studio: Where People Create

Ann over at Where People Create was nice enough to feature my space and do a little Q & A. I won’t be taking part in the fall open studios this year at The Screw Factory, but I guess people like to see what’s going on. It’s messier than usual as I’m starting to work a tad larger; the anti-hoarder in me is going a bit crazy, but I’m dealing with it.

Gettin’ Naughty at Last Minute Market

Thanks to all of you who came out for Last Minute Market! I know the parking lot was nuts, so I apologize if you didn’t make it in or had to park a billion miles away.  Not sure how many people came through (3,000+ I’m sure!), but there were almost double the vendors, and the fancy food truck outside sold out of everything I’m told.

If you weren’t able to come and still want to make any last minute gift purchases, I still have work up on my Etsy shop, even put up the last copy of “Varuca”

I have to say, we had some fun in our studio thanks to last minute scheming from Knitgrrl, Elle from Spell Cosmetics, and few of the dancers from Cleveland Burlesque. I didn’t catch the funniest photos of the security guards and Boy Scouts lining up for photos, but my husband came and picked me up early in time to get our little photo done!


Screw Factory + Last Minute Market + My Retrospective…sorta

So here I am still in N. Carolina, hanging with some wonderful friends and my brother through the weekend. Photos to come!

I’ll be back for my little sale during the Screw Factory and Last Minute Market event on Saturday. Look, Cleveland Scene mentioned my show here too! So if you’ve ever wanted a framed drawing, painting, or print at an affordable price — as well as view some old favorites I’ve never exhibited — be sure to come on down or visit my Etsy shop by January 1st. After that, everything goes back to normal pricing. This will also be the 1st real time I am out and about after my surgery and being confined to bed for almost two months. I can drive again! I can also wear high heels so long as I don’t use stairs and don’t have to walk more than 30 feet or so. Hey, I’ll take it.

Also, I think I forgot to mention that I’ve been selling iPhone and iPad cases as new products over in my ArtsProjekt store. I’ve had bad experiences with Mac, and I hate phones, but if I had an  iPhone, I’d totally get one!


Starting Up Again in the Studio

Been getting back to the studio as much as I can (which isn’t very much at all). My CPM machine that I had to be in for 6 hours a day to manually bend my knee finally ended, and now, well…I wait for more scans.

I’ve been framing a bunch of things in general, and for the event on the 18th that I’ll be having a super sale at. Mainly I’m picking up where I left off with something that I started before the surgery…

Art Super Sale & Show

So here we are, the land of, “Arabella’s stupid cancer ordeal just doesn’t want to ever let up”. My complications keep having complications — nothing major — just things that make having a normal life seem far off. Besides me now being at risk for all sorts of things, my knee procedure didn’t go quite as planned and I may need to have another one. In the meantime, I am stuck in a CPM machine for 6 hours a day trying to bend my knee beyond 110 degrees without having a fit of sobbing. The shape of my leg and knee has now settled, and while the scars aren’t too bad, it is very clear that my leg is deformed and I will never walk as I once did.

All of this comes down to one point for me at the moment: that treatment is carrying over into 2011. What does that mean exactly? More medical bills that I will actually have to pay for, something I had not anticipated. I was looking forward to perhaps moving to a bigger apartment and going to Ireland for my 10 year wedding anniversary — nope. Until I’m functional, don’t have surprise pop-up doctor appointments, and can drive, I can’t take on teaching or any jobs (already turned down one). I’m actually going to be screwed big time.

Since I will not be having a gallery solo show anytime in the near future, I thought to create a one-time exhibition of sorts combined with an online sale of art that I was reluctant to ever part with, or list at a discount. On Saturday, December 18th I will be having an Open Studio as part of Last Minute Market at The Screw Factory in Lakewood, OH. Besides new prints, I will have several oil paintings and framed drawings at a special price, as well as work that I didn’t want to part with — like this watercolor of hipsters at the Bigfoot Lodge in L.A. circa 2002 (the Spacemen 3 poster is mine, though)….

As of today through January 1st, you can view and purchase the smaller pieces being sold online at discounted prices in my Etsy shop. I’m only listing the smaller works, because packing and shipping large artwork requires too much energy and hassle for me to deal with right now. I have also started to take commissions again in time for the holidays! You can view more info on commissioning a portrait here.

Thanks to all of you have have been supporting me through this ridiculousness. Here’s hoping the chaos that has become my life won’t continue much longer!