Gettin’ Naughty at Last Minute Market

Thanks to all of you who came out for Last Minute Market! I know the parking lot was nuts, so I apologize if you didn’t make it in or had to park a billion miles away.  Not sure how many people came through (3,000+ I’m sure!), but there were almost double the vendors, and the fancy food truck outside sold out of everything I’m told.

If you weren’t able to come and still want to make any last minute gift purchases, I still have work up on my Etsy shop, even put up the last copy of “Varuca”

I have to say, we had some fun in our studio thanks to last minute scheming from Knitgrrl, Elle from Spell Cosmetics, and few of the dancers from Cleveland Burlesque. I didn’t catch the funniest photos of the security guards and Boy Scouts lining up for photos, but my husband came and picked me up early in time to get our little photo done!


3 thoughts on “Gettin’ Naughty at Last Minute Market”

    1. We avoided the snow going down to N. Carolina and it has melted since we got back. Although it was colder down there than what we had packed for!
      Nah, those are some old motorcycle boots. Don’t think I’ll be doing the over-the-knee ones for a while.

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