Big Night, glad I wasn’t sued

Guess what tonight is? My showy-poo!

After almost two years, an impaled right hand (that I stupidly kept painting with), a herniated disk in my back and tons of costume and peerage research  — this thing is done baby. Over 30 works on display, and it looks pretty cool I think. I’ll continue this series for sure, but I’m just glad to have this particular bulk out of the way.

I’m still cracking up about the president of the Portrait Society of America calling to tell me I will probably get sued by the National Portrait Gallery in DC for my show title because of copyright infringement. I asked how on earth they could hold the copyright for all National Portrait Galleries in the world? She kept saying they didn’t, so therefore, I told her I can’t be sued. I don’t think she was understanding anything I said about it, or understood the question in the first place. Being that mine is a fake country anyways it wouldn’t matter. Besides, first thing I think of is the National Portrait Gallery in London, not the one in DC. So I called them up, and a lawyer, they both assured me as long as my show title didn’t have “Smithsonian” in it, I’m clear. How nice the PSA did their research before calling and stressing me out. I don’t think I’ll be renewing my membership to be honest. They seem to hate mannerism and never bothered publishing the exhibit in the newsletter, for fear of being sued too I’m sure. But I thought it would be really cool if they did sue me over a stupid art show title.

So if you are in the Cleveland area, you can come and drink and look and buy and all that stuff. It’ll be a good party if anything else…

sponsored by Scion.

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