Asterisk Show Recap

Well I must have a had fun, because my memory is really foggy. I’m just trying to remember what I was supposed to do with all these business cards. Eh. It’ll come back to me.

My brother drove up all the way from N. Carolina! As well as several friends who drove a long ass time to make it out, very nice. And although I had to compete with a baseball game, we were lucky to have a huge TV in the gallery lobby to appease the art-sports fans. My invite should have said “we got the game!” but no matter.

It was funny, at first I wasn’t sure I would do full on biographies for my portraits. I like it when people can make up their own stories as it would seem more fun and less confining, right? Well the bios were the biggest hit. People kept grabbing copies and were running around trying to match up which was related to which, they held on to them a keepsakes and all wondered where the heck I came up with this crap? A few people told me it made the exhibit more fun and involved. Neat!

Here’s some photos I took with my crappy camera at the beginning of the night, more on the way from other photographers that came…

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