Fat Boys Fever

I don’t for how long now, but Fat Boys fever has gripped our pad! It all started with a friend who made an insane multi-disc compilation of hip hop/rap from 1979 to 1992 and The Fat Boys stuck out if anything for the beatboxing and other odd noises. Quote the hubby, “Screw playing guitar like Kevin Sheilds, I wanna learn to beatbox like The Fat Boys! Now that’s talent!” and so the mental illness began. We even rented the movie Disorderlies which is so bad yet you can’t help but admire it somehow. I remember it was one of the heavy rotation daytime HBO movies when I was a kid; usually it was flip-flopped for days with Teen Witch, and Solar Babies at times.

Since then I’ve had “Baby You’re A Rich Man” stuck in my head. It won’t go away anytime soon. Around the time (1987) this movie came out I seem to remember it was also when The Fat Boys teamed up with Chubby Checker and The Beach Boys. They were probably told by their management that this was a great idea. I found some video clips, it is almost like watching their careers lose cred and go down the tubes with each video. “All You Can Eat” borders on genius, and the rest…oh just watch and see:

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