Woo Girls

While working on a piece to possibly be in a book, I came up with this little thing yesterday:

But then I realized there’s another type of woman that I can’t stand — even more so than these — so you will have to wait and see. These are called “Woo Girls” obviously, because when they do a jello shot they all yell, “Woooo!” They also have a tendency to knock their drinks over repeatedly and fail to notice when some chump is rubbing their ass. Yet I’m still fascinated by it all; a sort of anthropological fascination in that I like studying them, you know? When these faces came about, I couldn’t help but wonder if maybe I even knew or seen these girls somewhere. The one on the right after I drew her looked awful familiar. But, as the case with most of my portraits, I end up meeting the people I draw later in life — freaky eh?

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