Another reason to Believe in Cleve?

I can’t say I am surprised at this but it is still disappointing and makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with the Rock Hall. Festivals take place in the strangest of places and do well, yet you can’t make a music fest in Cleveland work? I blame shitty promoting mostly, but to be honest the band line-ups were weak over the past two years. I saw maybe 3 or 4 out of 100. Scroll down the article and read the comments as they make good points.

Cleveland is full of non-profits, economic development coalitions and various other “make and impact and bring business” hibby-hey organizations. You’d think they would have stepped in or funds would have been raised to pay top notch acts to pepper in with the unknowns and promote beyond the CMJ website. But really why should they? If your event is well organized, promoted ahead of time and thoughtfully planned out with a balance of good acts — there should be no problem. All I know is, I saw The Bell Rays at a small club and the turn out was weak, I was offended for them, really. The Bell Rays are hot! But it wasn’t like any promo was done for them, so go figure. Did the Rock Hall even try to market the festival to people in other Ohio college towns, to Pittsburgh, to Detroit? You know, other cities that are a two hour drive away?

I think its funny that the Rock Hall bitched about the cost to host CMJ considering all their bands were outdoors with a crappy stage; the whole thing looked poorly planned even in the second year, the clubs are struggling way more than a non-profit based in NYC who charges $20.00 entry for exhibits. Clubs should be the ones who are miffed the most I would think, but they know how to roll with the punches at least. But most organizations in Cleveland seem to panic at any sign of losing money at first, not realizing you might lose money even in the first four years before it catches on. Meh.

Guess this means the induction ceremony won’t take place in Cleveland anytime soon? If they do, it will be less than amazing I’m sure.

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