Depeche Mode and We’re All Old

Even though he bought me my first Depeche Mode poster for my bedroom when I was 12 years-old, it took until I was 35 for my husband to finally take me to a Depeche Mode concert (yeah long story, go here for that). We drove up past Detroit with BFF in tow. Had I known better, I would have gotten actual seats, but damn, why are concerts so expensive these days?

Now trust me, as a person born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I never thought I would live in Cleveland; this is enemy territory after all. But I have to say that every time I drive through or visit Detroit these days, I am so thankful to live in Cleveland! Because, GOOD GOD DETROIT, HOW DID IT GET WORSE? I love your bands, and the people I know still living there, and yes I will always have my Southeast Michigan pride, but jeeeeez! I’m not joking when I say 12 hobo camps were spotted within being in the city limits not 4 minutes. Oh, but the lights work just fine by the casino! I also saw graffiti of a pair of testicles wearing a pointy witch hat. I also had a cop swerve along to protect us from something happening further up on the road. The dark neighborhoods with no street lights, the houses falling over — yet with satellite dishes, and the best being that the bombed out Central Station still standing the way it always has. Shannon shouted, “oh my God!” and I had to tell her it has actually been like that for as long as anyone can remember. Hell, I used to go to raves there! In the early 90s!

After not being able to get a restaurant table anywhere in the village of Clarkston (and being thankful we got out of Detroit), we opted for the fancy grocery and park benches. The only catch was the hippie with no shoes doing guitar-wank karaoke out on the street. He ruined Santana, and even Sade! Here is what Ben and I thought of his guitar talents…


This was the kick-off of the Depeche Mode US tour, and it brought out a very interesting crowd. Did you know there is such a thing as Depeche Mode Bros? Because yes, it seems they exist. I witnessed a total Bro-Down when “Personal Jesus” was performed. All I know is that I was mercilessly made fun of for being a total DM fan girl back in junior high, and now, all the people who used to make fun of it and mispronounce their name were here at the concert! It also made us feel old because everyone except the children were all older than us. “This is like the 101 concert except everyone here is 101 years-old!” said Ben.

So there Ben and I stood holding hands, and he was so adorable when they played the one song he likes, “Never Let Me Down Again”.

As a showman, Dave Gahan still hands everyone’s ass to them. Sorry, Ian Astbury of The Cult, nothing highlights how you lost your chops like a real front man who can still bring it. I’d say Mick Jagger, and Jim Kerr, are the only other two who can still pull it off at their age. Oh, and as far as the whole DM concert performance? I can sum up Dave Gahan….. with this.

Now all we need is Alan Wilder to just suck it up and come back the band. Come ON Alan!

Maybe next time I’ll go crazy and splurge for the VIP package. Here’s video to give you an idea …

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