Dusting Off the High Heels

One of the big things I was worried about after my whole knee/thigh surgery was that I would never be able to wear high heels again. Really worried! No, like, I seriously cried about it and was going to throw a serious fit if told I may as well sell or give away my shoe collection. Thankfully, wearing heels hasn’t been an issue…most of the time. It still pulls on nerves, and because my hamstring got moved (among other icky thing done to my muscles) there’s really no way I’ll ever be able to go out in tall heels and dance, or walk more than 3 blocks, or run across an airport in them with no problem like I used to. Stairs are an issue for me even in flats, so that’s something that takes an eternity as well.

I bought these super slutty Kelsi Dagger shoes right before I was handed the news of having leg cancer, so I wore them on my last weekend before the surgery. On Saturday for my birthday I decided to wear them again. I still had to use the cane — I would have fallen to my death otherwise — but to be honest, I probably walk better in these things than most women who don’t have a missing thigh chunk!

I did have to take them off at one point, when I realized I need to walk a short distance, but at least I did it long enough where I feel I don’t need to give them away or retire them completely. Just make sure you are hopping straight out of a cab or car on your way to dinner if you wear something like these. In fact, I recommend them for sitting as a rule. Lots and lots of sitting. They also keep your ankles quite warm.

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