Wicked in Boston

So here I’m finally posting some photos from the trip to Boston. What can I say other than the men dress better in Boston than in most places. The women do on occasion, but usually those are the graduate students from abroad who actually look like they tried. My first reaction when in Cambridge after living in L.A. was, “my these woman are so mousy!” and little has changed there.  The other thing that will never change is the frantic driving and honking of car horns every few seconds for just about any reason you can think of. Next time we should fly in, rather than drive in and get flipped off 8 times in 8 miles by “Massholes”.

We lucked out weather wise, stopped in Syracuse for a road race, took in a play, tooled around with my in-laws, criticized the Charlie Card system every chance we could, and I also got to visit the studio of Tabitha Vevers which was awesome — see more pictures of that below.


Yep, The old Colonial Drug next to yet another American Apparel store. Esh.


At Harvaaad, they don’t want you getting your precious behind dirty with grass stains, so they provide these colorful chairs for you to study and do whatever it is you do while outside on campus. Only peasants sit on grass!


One of many Shepard Fairey murals. He has bombed Cambridge quite a bit over the past decade or so. I like this one because someone drew a dollar sign on it, ha!


Is this not the coolest men’s dressing room ever? The people at Ben Sherman probably thought the dude and I were weird, more pictures below of him doing his best Happy Mondays impression while I tried to find the book that unlocks the secret compartment. P.S. Ben Sherman new store in Boston beats the snot out of the Vegas one.


After the looong drive home, my boys together at last.

2 thoughts on “Wicked in Boston”

  1. i hope i am never described as “mousy”.

    and the pic of milkshake and ben after they were reunited is hilarious and adorable.

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