Still Have All My Teeth

Yesterday I did something very out of character: went to Harry Buffalo and then to the Q for a hockey game. What did I learn? Well, as you could probably guess, Harry Buffalo is an awful, awful, horrible place and no one should ever eat or drink there. But, also that hockey games are fun even if your team doesn't win. Watching those guys beat the crap out of each other was a turn-on!

I've only been to one or two major sporting events in my life, both at University of Michigan, so to go where the Cavs play and see the madness of visual/audio overload was quite interesting. I really don't understand how athletes can concentrate with all the stuff going on — very obnoxious really. It was extremely bright for some reason, and the retarded house music combined with GnR intros was annoying to say the least. I told my husband someday I do want to ride the Zamboni during intermission. The kids going nuts was the best part. Tickets were pretty cheap to sit in front of the plexiglass, so anytime someone slammed against it to the point of the wall shaking the kids were elated. As one little girl said, "we almost DIED just now, awesome!" Hockey is one of the few games were depending where you sit, you can get injured and have your teeth knocked out just as easily as a player; saw a player get messed up by a puck to the neck, a few punching matches, and a few clusterfucks of craziness. At one point a player was about to sucker punch another until he saw the kids sitting there 2 feet away and eased up. "Punch him!" "kick him in the nuts!" the 5 year-olds screamed. Ah, that's some family bonding I tell 'ya.

I'm kind of surprised my family never did the hockey thing, being we had the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Cobras all. I guess we were a basketball family and it never came up; after this and the adult league game I saw, it is way more fun and entertaining than basketball for sure. I'm just glad a puck traveling at 100mph didn't hit me in the face. I can also say I'm a bit more of a Clevelander, because I have now experienced…"The Beer Guy"

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