Newly Mounted at Velvet Tango Room

My slightly S&M tribute painting to Velazquez, "Lady with a Fan Thinks You've Been Very Bad" is now on view at the best cocktail bar around, The Velvet Tango Room. Trust me I've done the tours around this country, and nothing ever seems quite as good as VTR. They saw the craft cocktail craze coming… Continue reading Newly Mounted at Velvet Tango Room

Velázquez Remix Show: Sneaky Peeky

I'm just about done with her! I chose the painting "Lady with a Fan" and made her just a tad naughty. Gallery liked just this teaser so much, it'll be the image on the postcards... The show is taking place Friday, February 19th at Wall Eye Gallery 5304 Detroit Ave Cleveland, OH 44102, 216.640.7769. I'm… Continue reading Velázquez Remix Show: Sneaky Peeky