Halloween Art Special: Vampirella

Just in time for Halloween, I have a little painting up in my Etsy shop of Vampirella. She comes in a fabulous gold frame, and despite her epic jugs, I think it still borders on being classy…kind of.

She was originally part of the “Identity Theft: reinventing the comic hero” show at Guilford Arts Center which also included artists such as Eric Fortune, Tom Haubrick, Derek Hess, Andy B. Clarkson and Aaron Kraten.

Videos of art shows

Here’s a short video of opening night at the Guilford Art Center. You can see my Vampirella painting below Dean McDowell’s Joker painting for a second there. The show will be on display until August 14th.

Just found this video about Asbury Park and a stop at Crybaby Gallery at about 16:17 — four of my paintings there too (I notice a red dot on one, yay!)