I love my Vacuum Cleaner!

I got my Miele!

I’ve been spending lots of time with it, oh how I love it so. If Miele ever does infomercials I will gladly star in one. You probably think obsessing and getting all giddy about a vacuum cleaner is silly, but then you probably haven’t used a Miele before. Upon starting it up for the first time, within 4 seconds my husband yanked it out of my hands, “Lemme try it!” and proceeded to oooh and ahhh. He wanted to get the Orion model because it was black, and named “ORION!”, but it was a bit pricey. We don’t have carpet either, so its not like I need a monster of a machine. Wonder what those $1,000 and up models do? Jeez, do they fly as well?

I got the Carina model, sure it has an ugly canary yellow hue, but it is just a vacuum after all ; )