The Special Hell

Husband was off work, and we don’t celebrate any holiday of any sort at this time of year, so the week pretty much looked like this with a Patty Duke Show marathon thrown in and me being a sicky-poo…

Besides that, Saturday at the Screw Factory was an amazing turnout for LMM, and thank you to all who came and bought stuff and offered me shows and got to see things in person that might not translate so well on a computer screen. I mean dang, I rolled in late and the parking lot was jammed. Look at this at 11am! Thanks to the Cleveland Handmade and Etsy team for making it happen…

I found it funny that the whole day, small children wanted actual paintings, and adults only cared about my toy collection (especially the Star Wars crap) tableaux that was on display in front of my desk. One little girl threw such a tantrum about not being able to have one painting, that she dropped to the ground and called her parents “meanies!”. The girl has taste already. Silly uncultured parents, what do they know? It was also funny to have numerous people tell me, “wow, you like, actually know how to paint”.

The one NOT COOL thing about Saturday was people who STEAL from artists in their own dang studio! I never mentioned before how at the last open studio we had, someone stole a print of mine. Well, this time someone stole a pattern from my studio mate, and someone also stole a friggin’ Princess Leia pez dispenser from my display. Yeah. I also suspect that one of my action figures was stolen as well, but I have to go make sure on that — I notice it has been missing. Had I known people were going to be so dang interested, grabby, touchy, stealy about silly toys I’ve had in a box since college and put out on display for fun, I probably would have covered it up for put them away. Interesting how the children were more careful about them than the adults, huh? Well as Shannon said, “people who steal from artists at their open studio go to The Special Hell”.

But hey we found it funny in a sad way, plus we had drinks, and good tunes, so whatever. And for those of you who asked, here is the playlist you heard that comic artist Tamas Jakab made that was blaring in our studio (and also Bazaar Bizarre).

Milkshake Monday: Monkey Crisis

Milkshake adores toys that look like monkeys — although granted — he is very particular about what he likes. Curious George monkey is his pal, he sleeps with him and takes him around everywhere. It has been this way since he was a wee baby…


Milkshake also has a girlfriend monkey, her name is Snowflake. We never understood what it was about her, but his life is not complete unless he can hump her about 3 times a day…


So, lately there has been a problem. It appears on Milkshake’s last trip to stay with his aunt and uncle while I went away to Boston, he lost Snowflake somewhere in their house. There was a massive search for any odd place he could have left her, but no sign yet. I think Milkshake’s brother Spike, or his best friend Giles, stole his woman and they’ve been hoarding her in a crawl space in the house somewhere.

So at night — as if sleep weren’t hard with this cat anyways — Milkshake howls for Snowflake for hours. Hours! And trust me, he is loud and heavy with sorrow as he keeps me awake until who knows when! I tried getting him a new monkey girlfriend, an expensive fancy-pants sock monkey, but he was not having it; he wants his special fuzzy monkey who was falling apart and getting kinda gross to the point where I almost retired her anyhow.

Funny how attached a pet can get to an inanimate object. Here’s hoping Snowflake is one day recovered, if not, I will continue my search for a suitable replacement that he will approve of. I mean seriously, he was crazy about that monkey and I doubt he’d show as much interest in an attractive real female cat!


Update: Snowflake has been found! Milkshake is back to monkey humping again.