The 80s Wave in Art, Now

Noticing the trend the last 5 years for nostalgia of 80s design come about in web design, fashion, and graphics, inspired me to throw together a brief list of artists who are doing the same. I had asked about this phenomena and more than a few people cited Vaporwave as an inspiration or possible conduit.

So would this “New Futurism” (not to be confused with Neo-Futurism) be considered Vaporwave art? I’m not sure since Vaporwave itself relies heavily on aesthetics paired with the music.

The Dorito chip shape, swiggle line, and cube grid has made a hot comeback as well as neon colors and acid wash jeans. As a child of the 80s I thought these things were hideous, but I suppose when enough time goes by anything is bound to get recycled and reworked. It is very interesting to see it trickle into fine art. Several of these artists have been at this vibe before Vaporwave became a thing — some of whom I have exhibited with — and some it seems, are have adopted it for newer bodies of work.

Either way, it makes me think of all my old Mead notebook covers and Trapper Keeper art with fondness. Supposedly, Vaporwave is “dead” but I was told over and over that painting was “dead” in art school 20 years ago.

Jaime Treadwell


Signe Pierce


Kristen Liu-Wong


Annie Vieux


Chad Wys


Justin Mays

mays1Processed with VSCOcam with p2 preset

Brian Willmount


Scott Listfield


Ben Jones


“Beeple” Winklemann


Francesco LoCastro


Dan Perkins


Jen Mann


Lisa von Hoffner


Hilary White


Justin Friedman


Manuel Fernandez


Dirk van Lach

Dorian Legret


These are just a handful of artists working today I thought of off the top of my head. There’s so many more working in installations art, animation, GIF art, and so on. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a strange urge to go listen to saxophone solos while staring out venetian blinds.

Dress Up Your Devices with My Art!

After a few too many complaints about the quality of their products, I have moved on from Society6 and am now selling through the company formerly known as GelaSkins. You can view my new shop here. (use code SUMMER25 for 25% off)

I had seen the prints that Society6 has done over the years at people’s homes, and thought they were pretty good. Perhaps Society6 should have stuck with them alone. The amount of people who told me they got orders refunded because of shoddy cheap products was finally getting to me (and that is just the people who told me!) I admit that both my iPhone cases cracked in a strange area — I don’t think I ever dropped it. I’m not a fan of my art on throw pillows, tote bags, or any of that nonsense. The other thing was Society6 didn’t have iPad cases or anything for Kindle. Well, as of now you can find skins for all those things, even Nook and other products!

I am getting something for my Kindle Fire for sure…



I’m curious to know how well the prints on fancy paper, and on canvas turn out, so someone order a few and let me know!

My New Phone

While everyone else is having first world problems waiting to get their grubby hands on the newest iPhone they ordered, I too, ordered a new phone that came in the mail recently. BEHOLD!

Yep, I got myself a retro 80s type deal here. Guess what this bastard does?

Dials numbers.

Has a normal telephoney-ring. No stupid songs here.

Gives me a call waiting beep if for some God unknown reason more than one person calls me at once.

Attached to a line, which is attached to a wall. So I can only use it at my desk, and not wander into the bathroom to take a dump while I’m talking to someone, or anyplace else that reception is bad.

Is heavy enough to bust over the head of an intruder.

No caller I.D. so I can’t pull the, “oh not THAT jerk calling me again” maneuver. I actually have to answer to see who is calling — imagine that!

No touch screen, so it won’t look like this after having it for one month.

Makes it so I have to talk to people, and they have to talk to me. No drunken texts from people and/or sending texts to people who read way too deep into them, and get the tone all wrong, thereby them going on a tear and writing me back 3 paragraphs of overly emotional nonsense that I can’t understand because of poor spelling.

It’s red, so it makes me feel like I’m the president or a military big-shot getting an important call from the Pentagon!

It’s on my desk, so I can’t “butt dial” anyone.

Stalk Me Even More!

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I finally broke down. Besides all the other websites I'm on, now you can find me on Twitter, because I know you care what I'm doing at all hours all the time.
Between the general social networking sites, and the art related portfolio sites, this is getting out of hand!

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