The Brightest Object in the Sky

I’m back from both my trip to Rhinebeck, NY and New Orleans. Lots of pictures to come. In the meantime, here is my piece for the Moon Goddess group show taking place at Modern Eden Gallery. I won’t be able to attend the reception in San Francisco, but I know many of the artists will be.

“The Brightest Object in the Sky” 20×20″ oil on canvas. Please contact for more.

New Painting: Psychedelic Space Tumor

Doing a new series of these babies. This one is called “Evolution” 12×12 inches, oil on panel. It’s a space uterus! It’s an alien flower! It’s a fungus! It’s a beetle! It’s a psychedelic tumor! I have no idea!!!!

I actually started doing these things in the spring before I found out I had a big ole tumor with tentacles and stuff wandering throughout my leg. So how about we call this one a psychedelic space tumor-thing?