It Takes Money To Look This Punk

I never obsess over jewelry, and I normally could give a rat’s ass about anything Tiffany and Co. puts out, but I am SO coveting these padlock pendants! Especially with the thick silver chain (not the ugly bitty chains or the stupid locks that say ‘New York’). Some of these are actually rather affordable, but of course my eye goes straight for the big guns that aren’t!

I guess I like them because they look like something a gal in my portraits would wear. After all, when I started including them into my artwork, I took lead from the originator…

Gotta love when Tiffany goes punk. Unfortunately I still have mounting medical bills to pay off, so my husband put his foot down on me and my Tiffany dreams. I know I can get imitation ones for cheaper, but I’m of the mind that it’s about damn time I get some real quality jewelry going on in my life. Curse this expensive taste coupled with a disregard for being realistic!

But hey, at least what I want is more affordable than the LV by Sprouse versions! They are fabulous though, aren’t they?