The Divine Statues of Cleveland

I made a quick trip with my friend Camilla to the newly opened Museum of Divine Statues. It is a beautiful space, with fun eerie ambient music, a gift shop, and the layout and design of the exhibition is pretty fabulous.

I wasn’t raised Catholic or anything, but lately I’ve been into images of the virgin Mary, so I thought I’d come and take a look. All of these statues and candle holders had been donated when the Diocese of Cleveland started to shut down various churches. The restoration is due to a make-up artist! The perfect lip gloss and eye shadow job on Joan of Arc and many other saints kind of makes it obvious. All restoration is done on site and you can watch as it happens, which is pretty cool.

Right now the museum is only open on Sundays, but they are planning to expand with a coffee shop downstairs. I give it an A+

Forgotten Saints in Hollywood

Art Core presents "Forgotten Saints" a group show Saints that never were but should have been.
@ The Congregation of the Forgotten Saints 7569 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles Ca. 90046

Attendees at February 13ths black carpet opening reception can expect
the same over the top extravagance and attention to detail seen at the
Metal show reception. "Saints" will be set amongst a backdrop fitting
to the theme. Installations will include themed murals, a new archway
welcoming the participants into the world of "Preachers and fools", an
altar (set with hand carved statues, candles and flowers), an
interactive "Confessional" and special "Holy water" to quench your
thirst after an evening spent confessing your sins to a truly unique
group of unholy martyrs.
Art Core's last event at The Congregation
of Forgotten Saints saw over 900 art fans cross its threshold, so
showing up early is recommended. There will be plenty of street parking after 8pm. Make sure you wear your Sunday best, all attendees will be photographed on the Black Carpet upon arrival

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