Pre-Order: The Restrooms of Cleveland Book

After quite a few years, the photo book that I have slowly been working on will be released this fall!

You can pre-order here. Which I recommend, as this will be a limited 1x run and, it has already exceeded sales of any of my other art books combined. I’m a little disturbed by this fact. Clevelanders love their Clevelanding, man.

There comes a point where you have to stop. I could have kept going with this project, but there is just too much content, really. I couldn’t tell anyone about this book without a, “have you seen the bathroom at…” But sometimes, it just wasn’t a place that met my documentation criteria, or it was difficult to photograph, or was just not that special in whatever weird way I wanted it to be. Some photos are detail shots, some give way to the entire space, and some have me posing in mirrors because, well — that’s just what happens sometimes.

Stay tuned for release party news! And if you want to host one, let me know!