Some Arty Farty Things I’m Doing

and stuff... There's a Kickstarter I've involved with by BJM of Silber Records. He's doing artist magnet and button sets, some of which features paintings of mine + an original painting as a high reward. Check it out here. Prints of "Dahling" released by WWA Gallery in Los Angeles are now available, only $35! Visit… Continue reading Some Arty Farty Things I’m Doing

New Products from the Land of Arabella

Loads of new prints (in various sizes), note cards, iPhone skins, and cases for sale over at Society 6. I have a few skins of my own, and I've seen the smaller framed prints in peoples homes, and I can say I think the quality is far superior to a lot of places that sell… Continue reading New Products from the Land of Arabella

Thoughts on Framing Art

When I get down to framing paintings everyone knows I'm a lover of gilt, ornate, and all that is opulent or fancy-pants. To me it is the equivalent of a fashion stylist who can't resist sequins. The curves, the patterns, and the fact that they look like a piece of art themselves while setting the… Continue reading Thoughts on Framing Art