New Portrait: Jimmy and Bobby

Recently, I was commissioned to do a portrait of a young man and his dog who reside in Maryland. I had to work with photos that I did not take myself, which always poses a challenge, especially when an iPhone is used and distorts the shape of the face. The writer who commissioned the painting… Continue reading New Portrait: Jimmy and Bobby

A Few Finished Portraits

I was recently commissioned to do a few paintings and despite everything going on, I finished them in-time for all of the holidays! It's still nice to take a break from painting drippy things and test myself with likeness and making a person look as they should. It's also nice when a client lets me… Continue reading A Few Finished Portraits

Artists Painting Artists reception

It was super packed at BAYarts last night in Bay Village. I wish I had gotten more photos, but these will suffice. Big thanks to Judy for running the class and letting me pose! It's so surreal to walk into a room full of different visions of yourself. Here is my wall, with a few… Continue reading Artists Painting Artists reception