New Painting: Maria and Her Beasts

I was asked to do a portrait of my friend’s daughter and their two cats, one of whom, was nicknamed “baby horse” because he was so huge! Well, Wally died of old age shortly after I took photos of him for this painting, so I’m glad we got the ball rolling in-time to have this done. I decided to give him a fancy saddle, and placed him where he seemed to enjoy himself, outside in the garden. I wanted to go for a princess and her beasts vibe in this, which I hope I did!

This measures 11×14″ inches and is oil on panel.





This is one of those pieces that has been really difficult to photograph because of the small size and detail; I think I got the colors as close as I ever will to seeing it in person. Might be time for me to step it up and get a large format scanner.

Kitty Kamp and Theirry Mugler

Those were a few of the things I did this weekend while house sitting 4 cats (2 my own) and a wiener dog.

First my friend Elle invited several of us to a Theirry Mugler dessert and perfume pairing event at Saks Fifth Avenue in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland. I’m shocked more people didn’t turn out for this, as only a handful were being done around the country, and we got some nice gifts. I had way to much wine (they just kept filling up my glass!) and some amazing chocolates while I had my new large bottle of Angel au de toilette engraved with my name. I had to stay away from upstairs at Saks, however, as even though I don’t have $300 to spend of a skirt or need a evening gown — I was tempted!

The rest of the weekend it was on for “Kitty Kamp!” where my cat Tina bossed everyone around, even two boy cats twice her size. Pooping; puking; creating a monster when I gave the dog bacon; the ‘pounding across the Serengeti’ noises at all hours as the heard of cats chased one another. At least my little cat Ike had a grand time playing.

Sometimes we joke about owning a “kitten farm” and becoming crazy cat people, but 4 is quite enough! I don’t know how people with more than that do it (oh right, they’re CRAZY) You said it Ben…

Sleepy Kittens Ike and Tina

Tina has always had night terrors. Poor little gal will talk in her sleep as if she’s frightened, or wake up in the middle of the night screaming and upset. Little Ike on the other hand, as you no doubt can tell from this photo, sleeps in total bliss — always. I guess that’s good, because he gets sick a lot and is accident prone (his eye brow whiskers still haven’t grown back from when he singed them getting too close to a candle).

My husband’s theory is that Tina dreams of cobras and crocodiles, while Ike dreams of rainbows and ice cream cones…

Oh those kittens.

RIP Milkshake

Milkshake passed away yesterday evening just short of his sixth birthday. It was very sudden; a blood clot cut off the circulation to his back legs from a heart condition, and he went downhill within an hour after that. Nothing could be done. Thankfully I got him to the hospital with enough time that he was surrounded by his daddy, auntie, and uncle before he had to go for good. Lived fast and died young, like any good looking celebrity would.

Monday Milkshake Fix

Why he decides to go sideways when he looks at the camera? I have no idea.

The big news is that Milkshake has a long distance relationship with a girl cat named Snacks. Long distance being the red carpeted hallway between our apartments. But, they totally are aware of each other and he likes to sniff and scratch at her door. Milkshake & Snacks, sitting in a tree….