Jaecine, the Countess of Albramere

She's new...sort of. I had wrote this biography for an older painting I'd done back in 2002. After showing it around and all that fun stuff, I decided I didn't like the painting anymore; the frame got busted by a careless gallery in shipping, I was over the work itself, but I did still like… Continue reading Jaecine, the Countess of Albramere

Art Purchases I’d Make Right Now

I found out recently that a few pieces in my art collection are worth a lot more than I ever imagined, one piece went up in value more than 22x in the last 10 years. I was debating about unloading one of them to finance travel to Ireland for my 10 year wedding anniversary +… Continue reading Art Purchases I’d Make Right Now

Alexia is Back

For almost a year I had this painting marked as "sold", mainly because the gallery told me they sold it. Makes sense right? AlexiadeLuc What they meant to say, and that I have discovered this afternoon, was in fact this piece with a similar name had sold. So, you know, anyone who had in the… Continue reading Alexia is Back

Upcoming & Current Art Shows

The 2nd issue of Pink Eye Magazine has been released in print edition with a few different images and condensed interview of this. You can find it free in Cleveland at various galleries, bars and bookstores.January 16th - Feb. 22nd: "It's Fierce" a fashion themed group show @ Eclectix Gallery, El Cerrito CA. Opening reception… Continue reading Upcoming & Current Art Shows