Modus Union and Open Studios

Some upcoming arty farty events in both the D.C. area and Cleveland….

Thursday, Nov 4th 6:00pm- 10:00pm

MODUS UNION: An exclusive evening of Fashion, Art and Philanthropy!
Labels for Love founder Mary Amons created “Modus Union” this one of a kind unique event to collaborate our active philanthropic, political, and artistic communities within the Nation’s Capital. Modus Union was formed from two words that represent unification with positive intent. Labels For Love beneficiary partner this year is Fran Drescher and her Cancer Schmancer Foundation. Cancer Schmancer is dedicated to saving women’s lives through early detection and prevention of cancer. @ The Lumber Shed in SW D.C. I’ll have 4 small paintings in this show.

Saturday, November 6th

The Screw Factory Artists Open Studio, 1pm – 8pm at The Screw Factory at Templar Industrial Park, 13000 Athens Avenue, Lakewood OH 44107. I’ll have prints, paintings and drawings for sale in my studio on the second floor as well as Knitgrrl and Spell Cosmetics.

Saturday, December 18th

The Screw Factory Holiday Open Studios & Last Minute Market. 10am – 6pm, featuring 80 vendors, craftspeople, and products as well as over 40 artist studios on two floors. Go to for all the info!

Screw Factory Open Studio Recap

Thanks to all who came out for the spring open studios! Boy what a long day it was, but beer and cheese helps me cope in that respect. Also much thanks to Dott Schneider for assisting in the studio-a-rama. Gave me time to get a free massage down the hall during the event! Met some fun new arty farty people and endured some provincial busy bodies, but that’s how it rolls here in the land of Cleve. At least nothing got stolen like at the last event!

The best was the guy who said I was lying in my titles and said my smaller portraits were done in acrylic and not oil, because he could tell. Also, the amount of parents dissuading their children from buying art, even $15 fine art prints, was alarming. Kids always seem to go nuts over my work, but I guess the parents are either cheap or just hardwired in a way I don’t understand; your talking to a woman who grew up with David Miretsky drawings in her bedroom, and some twisted early 20th Century Russian art throughout the home. The whole day I was offered money for the free crappy store bought cupcakes on my desk (one lady tried to give me $5 for one!), but buying the child a print was out of the question. Art = Bad, Sugar = Good.

But, at least several people got to see work in person vs. online, and the question asked constantly was how do I get everything so flat and smooth. I guess I never really thought about it, so it is nice for people to study work up close. The newest surreal flowers got the biggest reaction I think — yay!

I didn’t take many photos, but here are a few…

My friend’s son sent me a Flat Stanley, so he’s hanging out with these harlequins I’m painting.

Cupcakes and cookies that people thought was either “installation art”, or were for sale at inflated prices. I should have just sold the damn things. Art Girl Bake Sale! Actually I never thought much of cupcakes, and now they gross me out for good after staring at these buggers for 7 hours straight. The psychedelic cookies were good, however.


People and stuff

Dott thinks Shannon’s knitting needles are metal!

These broads were serious! The bargain bin of yarn became a feeding frenzy. There were a few times that shit got real and women were about to fight like a sale at Barney’s or something. Don’t fuck with women when it comes to yarn, I’ve witnessed this at a few open studios already, they will get nasty I’m telling ‘ya!

Current + Upcoming Art Fun Times

Current – March 30th: G40: Where Arts & Politics Collide Art Summit @ 223 23rd Street, Arlington, VA 22202. 75,000 sq. feet and 5 floors of exhibiting artists from around the world. I’ll be represented by Art Whino Gallery.

Current – April 2nd: “From Woman III” Celebrate Women’s History Month. Created by women, of women and about women @ Lakeland Community College Fine Arts Gallery in Kirtland, OH. Artists include Sandy Shelenberger and Phyllis Fannin. Curated by Mary Urbas. Artist Reception: Sunday, March 28th 2-5 PM

Current – April 17th: “Dark and Lovely” group show w/ Jack Howe, Jon Todd, Ray Ceasar, Aunia Kahn, Heather Gabel, and more @ Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ.

April 9th – 11th: SPACES Art Mart Member’s Show. Opening Reception: Friday April 9th 6-9pm $5 admission for non-members. 2220 Superior Viaduct, Cleveland, OH 44113

Saturday, May 1st: The Screw Factory spring open studio event, 1pm-8pm. Come poke around and see what I have going on!

The Special Hell

Husband was off work, and we don’t celebrate any holiday of any sort at this time of year, so the week pretty much looked like this with a Patty Duke Show marathon thrown in and me being a sicky-poo…

Besides that, Saturday at the Screw Factory was an amazing turnout for LMM, and thank you to all who came and bought stuff and offered me shows and got to see things in person that might not translate so well on a computer screen. I mean dang, I rolled in late and the parking lot was jammed. Look at this at 11am! Thanks to the Cleveland Handmade and Etsy team for making it happen…

I found it funny that the whole day, small children wanted actual paintings, and adults only cared about my toy collection (especially the Star Wars crap) tableaux that was on display in front of my desk. One little girl threw such a tantrum about not being able to have one painting, that she dropped to the ground and called her parents “meanies!”. The girl has taste already. Silly uncultured parents, what do they know? It was also funny to have numerous people tell me, “wow, you like, actually know how to paint”.

The one NOT COOL thing about Saturday was people who STEAL from artists in their own dang studio! I never mentioned before how at the last open studio we had, someone stole a print of mine. Well, this time someone stole a pattern from my studio mate, and someone also stole a friggin’ Princess Leia pez dispenser from my display. Yeah. I also suspect that one of my action figures was stolen as well, but I have to go make sure on that — I notice it has been missing. Had I known people were going to be so dang interested, grabby, touchy, stealy about silly toys I’ve had in a box since college and put out on display for fun, I probably would have covered it up for put them away. Interesting how the children were more careful about them than the adults, huh? Well as Shannon said, “people who steal from artists at their open studio go to The Special Hell”.

But hey we found it funny in a sad way, plus we had drinks, and good tunes, so whatever. And for those of you who asked, here is the playlist you heard that comic artist Tamas Jakab made that was blaring in our studio (and also Bazaar Bizarre).

Last Minute Market

I wasn’t sure I’d be in town, but looks like I will be here for the Cleveland Handmade Last Minute Market, taking place at the Screw Factory. If you missed the open studios on November 7th, come on down and get some gifts or just poke and see what we have going on. There will be vendors as well as other artists in the buildings opening their doors.

Together with our friends, IMadeIt! Market and The Screw Factory Artists, Cleveland Handmade is once again enabling, and even encouraging, holiday shopping procrastination.

The Last Minute Market will be a wonderfully unique shopping destination with more than 50 regional artists and craftspeople. In addition, artists whose studios are in the building will open their doors to offer a peek at their workspace and an opportunity to purchase their work. Don’t miss this Market!

December 19, 2009 10am-6pm
Lake Erie Building at Templar Industrial Park 13000 Athens Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Art Shows This Season

A little news about some upcoming events, including my own Open Studio and Art Basel Miami which I will be attending this year, if only for a few days…

Saturday, November 7th:
Screw Factory Artists Open Studio Event! I will have paintings, drawings and prints for sale. 13000 Athens Avenue, Suite C288, Lakewood, Ohio. Most new work will be out being exhibited, but I will have many awesome deals on paintings, unframed sketches, drawings, and other things I’m sick of looking at or are ancient from my days studying animation. My studio-mate and I were just voted best “Dynamic Duo” to boot.

Saturday, November 21st:
“Feminality” group show with Tara McPherson, Natalie Shau, Aunia Kahn, Amy Botello, Molly Crabapple, Edith Lebeau and many more @ Hive Gallery downtown Los Angeles, CA. More info at There will be a preview the first week of November.

December 3rd-6th: I will be in two exhibits at Art Basel Miami this year!

*First is the “Life Essentials” group exhibition @ Art Basel Miami South Beach in partnership with Art Whino Gallery and Theivery Corporation. This will be in the Wynwood District, 2135 NW 1st Avenue. The schedule for now is Weds VIP and Press Night, Thurs open to the public, Fri “Life Essentials” Opening, for which I will be in attendance.

*Second is the “Multiversal” exhibition, we will be sharing a venue with L.A. artist Kazilla in the Deco District at the American Legion in Miami. More info here.

December 11th – Jan. 23rd: “Warm and Fuzzy” a small group show of art depicting all that is fuzzy and warm for Christmas @ Eclectix Gallery, El Cerrito, CA. I’ll have some new 5×7″ paintings in this.

Also keep an eye out at Box Heart Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA for their holiday sale days in December, 10% all represented artists.

Photos & Cameras

After starting our celebrations on Friday night and ending them last night I think I feel normal finally. I'm pretty sure I did it a little too hard this weekend and my IQ points went down a tad. A brain fart isn't supposed to last for two whole days, is it?

Today I had a photo shoot with Herbert Ascherman Jr. for his artist series. Spiral kimono, saber tooth tiger skull, an oversize gilt frame and me with a champagne hangover? It's like I'm back in L.A. almost isn't it? I'm quite impressed with how fast the process was (less than an hour) and Herbert is great at directing people like me who will look bored and slouched over if not posed properly. We tried to do something that will look like one of my portraits, he also managed to talk me into taking my shirt and bra off for a few shots — I'll let you know how it all came out.

My new digital camera arrived and it is black, and shiney, and small, and it almost gave me an orgasm. So far I have just been doing pictures of the cat, but I'll test some artwork out tomorrow. Going from 2 mega pixels to 13.6 mega pixels is like a whole new world for me. I really don't know how I've survived!

On the agenda this weekend in the Land of Cleve?
Pecha Kucha at MOCA on Friday, and
The Screw Factory Open Studios on Saturday.

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