Old Portraits of Young Men: Part Three

I’ve given examples here and here, but there are so many more! It’s time again for another installment of ‘men I probably would have slept with if I were alive in that century’. Since so many are unknown sitters, I’ll just tell you who painted them…

Hans Holbein. This sitter needs to lose the hat, then we can talk!

Paul Hoeckler. Oh my!

a monk by van Dyck.

Konstantin Andreyevich Somov

well hello there Kazimierz Pochwalski!

Eugene Delacroix

van Dyck again. I’m not a fan of the half-assed grown ‘stache, though. I’ll just look beyond it I suppose.

tough guy by Antonis Mor

Charles Dickens by Samuel Lawrence

Lose the wig buddy, and then you are a-ok in my book.


Crappy reproduction of a Boris Kustodiev portrait of illustrator Bilibin. Why hello my dark Russian!


“The Boxer” by Konstantine Somov. Enough said I think?

And there you have it. Who are your favorites?

Marion On My Mind

My favorite model who has always stuck with me is Marion Morehouse. I happened upon photos of her in various fashion and art deco books; there’s something about the eyes and poses in every photo I like very much. She was a supermodel of sorts in the late 20s and early 30s, sitting for Vanity Fair and Vogue photographer Edward Steichen, and occasionally Cecil Beaton.

I had no idea until recently that she was also the third wife of e.e. cummings.

Here she is with Lee Miller.

Portrait by e.e. cummings…

I married a model!

May 5th, I share my wedding anniversary with Cinco de Mayo, the Kent State shootings, and Ian McCulloch’s birthday among other things. Hubster and I have been married 7 years (been together almost 8). I’ll feel better once we get to 8 years however; it’ll mean not only did we beat the national average, but we’ll have lasted longer than he did with wife #1. Yes, everything is a competition with me. But I suppose it is a good sign we talk all the time about what we’ll do party/trip-wise for our 10 year anniversary. Maybe wife #1 will stop using his last name by then!

Hubster has now fulfilled his dream of becoming a model (well not really a dream, but something on his to-do list). My pal Shannon — who had me model and do a painting project in her book AlterNation — has a new book out called How To Knit In The Woods. And looky who shows off his rockin’ sideburns for a shot?

He actually had his hair cut since, but still, I think it is pretty funny. No, he didn’t get to keep the hat. Maybe this will lead for more gigs for him? He is after all, super skinny, which makes anything look good on him (calling Merc and Ben Sherman!). Maybe I should be his agent.

UPDATE: Speaking of models, I’ve just been told I’m somewhere around page 68 of Craft Magazine. Doing what, I do not know, but I’m sure I was snapped with no make-up and unwashed hair.