Planning Ahead: Book and a Solo Show

Two big things happening art-wise for me. I’ll be doing a book coming out on Cooperative Press of my “National Portrait Gallery of Kessa” paintings! I actually don’t think I’ll have room to include all of them — too many, really — but it will be a good survey and give the full biographies as well as family trees, crests, and map. It’s actually making me realize how damn complicated I made things for myself trying to re-do the family tree in a way that isn’t just scribbles for my own uses to keep track of all these damn people I made up! More info to be announced on all of that.

I’m also having a solo show at Articulated Gallery in San Francisco, CA starting on  January 7th, 2012! This will consist of paintings, with my usual fictional biographies, that are a part of my new series dealing with medical practices of the past. Needless to say these are going to be a little different from what I usually do; a little more surreal and symbolist. I’ve been working on linen for the first time for these new paintings, too. Here is a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on lately…

Paintings of Felines

Here are the last two paintings I finished before having my tumor and thigh removed. Who knows when I’ll be able to get back to the studio, so these might be it for a while.

On the Beach, 12×12″ oil on panel. A lot of people think the cat is doing the nasty with the dead sheep, I don’t know why.

Tina, 11×14″ oil on canvas. A portrait of my cat if she were human, sorta.