Art Basel Miami: High Heels & Short Skirts

Good God, where do I begin? Let's just say I wasn't looking forward to spending a few days at Art Basel, I was also freaked out about flying for some reason, but my only hiccup was TSA agents constantly asking if my tattoo was gang related (what?). But I'm glad I went! Met lots of… Continue reading Art Basel Miami: High Heels & Short Skirts

Life Essentials art tour

The tour for Life Essentials starts tomorrow! The show will travel then to Art Basel Miami, New York, and San Francisco. To buy tickets and more show info go to: Artists include: Adam Russell, Adorable Creatures, Anna Davis, Asbestos , Andy Haynes, Anna Thackray, Arabella Proffer, Arisu, Blaine Fontana , Brad Strain , Brandi… Continue reading Life Essentials art tour