Genghis Con at the Screw Factory

Just a quick note to say I will have my studio open on the 2nd floor of the Screw Factory during the 6th annual Genghis Con. I’ll be there from 2-4:30pm (possibly longer). Not selling anything comic related, but I have  4 copies left of the 1st edition of my book, and lots of paintings! It is a good way to come see my art in person if you haven’t yet. I have been working from home since February, so it has been nice to be back in there lately just for meetings and parties.


The event goes until 7pm and will showcase some rad guys like John G. and Derf.


The Art Studio: Where People Create

Ann over at Where People Create was nice enough to feature my space and do a little Q & A. I won’t be taking part in the fall open studios this year at The Screw Factory, but I guess people like to see what’s going on. It’s messier than usual as I’m starting to work a tad larger; the anti-hoarder in me is going a bit crazy, but I’m dealing with it.

Screw Factory Open Studio Recap

Thanks to all who came out for the spring open studios! Boy what a long day it was, but beer and cheese helps me cope in that respect. Also much thanks to Dott Schneider for assisting in the studio-a-rama. Gave me time to get a free massage down the hall during the event! Met some fun new arty farty people and endured some provincial busy bodies, but that’s how it rolls here in the land of Cleve. At least nothing got stolen like at the last event!

The best was the guy who said I was lying in my titles and said my smaller portraits were done in acrylic and not oil, because he could tell. Also, the amount of parents dissuading their children from buying art, even $15 fine art prints, was alarming. Kids always seem to go nuts over my work, but I guess the parents are either cheap or just hardwired in a way I don’t understand; your talking to a woman who grew up with David Miretsky drawings in her bedroom, and some twisted early 20th Century Russian art throughout the home. The whole day I was offered money for the free crappy store bought cupcakes on my desk (one lady tried to give me $5 for one!), but buying the child a print was out of the question. Art = Bad, Sugar = Good.

But, at least several people got to see work in person vs. online, and the question asked constantly was how do I get everything so flat and smooth. I guess I never really thought about it, so it is nice for people to study work up close. The newest surreal flowers got the biggest reaction I think — yay!

I didn’t take many photos, but here are a few…

My friend’s son sent me a Flat Stanley, so he’s hanging out with these harlequins I’m painting.

Cupcakes and cookies that people thought was either “installation art”, or were for sale at inflated prices. I should have just sold the damn things. Art Girl Bake Sale! Actually I never thought much of cupcakes, and now they gross me out for good after staring at these buggers for 7 hours straight. The psychedelic cookies were good, however.


People and stuff

Dott thinks Shannon’s knitting needles are metal!

These broads were serious! The bargain bin of yarn became a feeding frenzy. There were a few times that shit got real and women were about to fight like a sale at Barney’s or something. Don’t fuck with women when it comes to yarn, I’ve witnessed this at a few open studios already, they will get nasty I’m telling ‘ya!

The Special Hell

Husband was off work, and we don’t celebrate any holiday of any sort at this time of year, so the week pretty much looked like this with a Patty Duke Show marathon thrown in and me being a sicky-poo…

Besides that, Saturday at the Screw Factory was an amazing turnout for LMM, and thank you to all who came and bought stuff and offered me shows and got to see things in person that might not translate so well on a computer screen. I mean dang, I rolled in late and the parking lot was jammed. Look at this at 11am! Thanks to the Cleveland Handmade and Etsy team for making it happen…

I found it funny that the whole day, small children wanted actual paintings, and adults only cared about my toy collection (especially the Star Wars crap) tableaux that was on display in front of my desk. One little girl threw such a tantrum about not being able to have one painting, that she dropped to the ground and called her parents “meanies!”. The girl has taste already. Silly uncultured parents, what do they know? It was also funny to have numerous people tell me, “wow, you like, actually know how to paint”.

The one NOT COOL thing about Saturday was people who STEAL from artists in their own dang studio! I never mentioned before how at the last open studio we had, someone stole a print of mine. Well, this time someone stole a pattern from my studio mate, and someone also stole a friggin’ Princess Leia pez dispenser from my display. Yeah. I also suspect that one of my action figures was stolen as well, but I have to go make sure on that — I notice it has been missing. Had I known people were going to be so dang interested, grabby, touchy, stealy about silly toys I’ve had in a box since college and put out on display for fun, I probably would have covered it up for put them away. Interesting how the children were more careful about them than the adults, huh? Well as Shannon said, “people who steal from artists at their open studio go to The Special Hell”.

But hey we found it funny in a sad way, plus we had drinks, and good tunes, so whatever. And for those of you who asked, here is the playlist you heard that comic artist Tamas Jakab made that was blaring in our studio (and also Bazaar Bizarre).

Oil Painting Lessons

Starting January 4th 2010 I will be offering private lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced oil painting for teens and adults at my studio!

I’d like to try and teach the way in which I wish someone had taught me. The basics, the structure, and “my” rules of painting, but once those basics are learned I want to fully encourage students to break those rules and do what feels good to them. That’s how individual style is made, taking what they know and doing what they want with it, changing it how they like, and applying a DIY mentality. I believe there is no one right way of painting.

We will be working from photo references as well as still life set-ups, but lessons will be tailored for each person and their skill level. A supply list will be provided.

Fees: Lessons are 3 sessions at 2 hours each and scheduled at your convenience.
$90 Beginning
$90 Intermediate
$90 Advanced
$250 Beginning thru Advanced package

Studio: The Screw Factory is located at 13000 Athens Ave, Second Floor, Suite C288 (Arabella Proffer/Knitgrrl Studio) Lakewood 44107

Contact: for questions or to schedule lessons. A PDF can be downloaded here.

Le Art Studio

I only moved in this past June, but I think it is taking shape. I split the space with Knitgrrl (so thankful her dad put up some nice drywall for us), so here are some shots of my side of the studio. A visitor from Brooklyn nearly cried when we told her how much the rent was, the best deal ever really, and in a former Templar car factory no less.

We will be having a factory-wide open studio event in November. As much as I can’t stand Lakewood, the Screw Factory is the coolest place to be.


So the big news this week is I finally got a studio! I will be sharing a studio with Shannon Okey at the Screw Factory…hehe, screw. I figure that this will keep me from bumming around when I need to do actual work, as well as provide me with a cat hair free environment. Larger work to come? Quite possibly since space is no longer an issue. I will also have my studio open to the public, especially for the Open Studio events that my friend, and Screw Factory neighbor, Gina puts on. The building itself is an active warehouse and factory, but at night resembles the movie Mute Witness. At least I conquered the ancient freight elevator, and if I get really drunk, maybe I’ll take some of the forklifts for a spin! Hoping to have moved in by late June, still need some dry wall and my “day job” work schedule is going to be crazy the next few weeks or so.

On a totally unrelated topic, did you know the singer from Glass Tiger wrote a motivational book? I’m glad I don’t have cable, because yesterday I got sucked into some VH1 Classic and got this damn song stuck in my head. The video is a perfect example of what happens when Canadian musicians do too much cocaine at the peak of bad 80s fashion.