Some Arty Farty Things I’m Doing

and stuff... There's a Kickstarter I've involved with by BJM of Silber Records. He's doing artist magnet and button sets, some of which features paintings of mine + an original painting as a high reward. Check it out here. Prints of "Dahling" released by WWA Gallery in Los Angeles are now available, only $35! Visit… Continue reading Some Arty Farty Things I’m Doing

Funding for Creatives: Is the Age of the Foundation Over?

I see so many great artists, designers, creative entrepreneurs who apply for funding, and after going through the ringer, get denied. It seems that it you don't fit into a certain stereotype -- or aren't already known -- the traditional route of seeking business loans, grants from foundations and various non-profits is almost futile. This… Continue reading Funding for Creatives: Is the Age of the Foundation Over?

I’m a Painter, Not a Historian

I get a lot of emails from people asking about the "historical characters" that I "base the portraits on". Or they ask me if there is a Wiki entry, or book on the person I can point them to, as obviously I have quite a bit of knowledge on these subjects and study them often.… Continue reading I’m a Painter, Not a Historian