Hideous or Fabulous?

Gayfryd and Saul Steinberg... YSL...   Jayne Wrightsman... The Duke and Duchess of Windsor... Jackie Beat... Kelly Werstler... Sao Schlumberger... Dita von Teese... Coco Chanel... Diana Vreeland... Helena Rubenstein... Tobias Meyer... Sometimes the most expensive things can be made to look cheap, and the cheapest made to look valuable. I always find it interesting what… Continue reading Hideous or Fabulous?

Coffee Tables Books That Do and Don’t Deliver

I've had my eye on this new puppy, being that fits in perfectly with my art and design coffee table book addiction in subject matter and so forth. But until I can thumb through it, I am wary. What if it doesn't live up to my standards? Granted my standards might not be everyone's, but… Continue reading Coffee Tables Books That Do and Don’t Deliver

Coveting During Convalescence

When you've been banished to lounging in bed all day, you have a laptop, and you've nearly escaped a death sentence, getting bit by the shopping bug happens! Admittedly this whole chances of cancer coming back in my life are 50/50 thing has me mildly freaked out. Granted it may not be until I'm 64… Continue reading Coveting During Convalescence