How-To Share One Carry-On Bag

one carry-on bag

No one ever believes me when I say that my husband and I can fit everything we need for a week in one carry-on bag. So, after many requests we made a video of us packing for a trip lasting 7 days. In an age where airlines are up-charging for bags or how many bags you have (like on a budget airline) this will save you a lot of money, and time. Time saved is the best part of this whole endeavor. This is especially true if you have a connecting flight! Lost luggage sucks.

Is That All You Brought?

I have to tell you, I just packed for a 6 day trip to NYC, including clothing and shoes enough for two fancy events, and back-up options if I change my mind, birthday gifts for a friend, and more: I only filled HALF of this thing...