Books on Deck: Beauty, Art, and an Aristocrat

More books on deck of wealthy, stylish people and crazy actresses of Hollywood's golden age. Are you surprised? This book coming out is like Christmas and my birthday combined. I had always wished for Karl to have a newsletter, and this is as close as it gets. No photos, sadly, but still has fun quotes.… Continue reading Books on Deck: Beauty, Art, and an Aristocrat

If It Worked Once, It’ll Work Again

This is just getting ridiculous: Neverending Story? Really? And let me guess, they'll cut out the traumatic swamp scene just to keep it PC or some crap like that. My mother took me and a friend to see this movie when I was 4 or 5, and truly, a whole generation was traumatized by… Continue reading If It Worked Once, It’ll Work Again

Art Fartings

I guess I'm on the right track, according to the New York Times at least. Truthfully I think the painting of Selma is awful, and really, before you a get portrait done, you need to realize it won't be like a photo.I've seen photos from both the "Yum Yum" show and "Forgotten Saints", amazing stuff.… Continue reading Art Fartings

Thanks Joan, I Feel Dirty Now

People asked me to write a little review of my totally overpriced paperback: "Joan Crawford, My Way of Life" that I broke down and bought at auction. It has since been reprinted in the wake of FX show "Feud". I'll try my best to remember the main lessons I learned. Was it worth the money I… Continue reading Thanks Joan, I Feel Dirty Now

Ancient Movies, Pre-Code Films I Love

I remember when I was 20 or so, a younger guy from my college says, "Have you seen, like, every ancient movie ever made before 1965?" Well, I haven't of course. But it is scary that I recognize and know the names of actors from before 1945 all too often. I even know who else… Continue reading Ancient Movies, Pre-Code Films I Love